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“When they started on my Garage I was overwhelmed and sick to my stomach. It only took several days and lot of hand holding to get me through it. That truly was the best money I have ever spent. I should have done it years ago. Thanks Ladies for such a great job and helping me get both cars back in the garage and George thanks you too” Looking forward to doing the kitchen next!
“Jan D. (Alamo, CA)”

“OMG when they pulled out all the stuff in our shed. The floor fell out. It would have been another season and all of my loving storage items would have been ruined. The floor was a big delay in our project but well worth it. Everyone on your team was so accommodating. No one had any idea the floor would fall out. Looking forward to the next project as your team helped get me on track and keep me there.
“Carla. (Danville, CA)”

“Having an organized pantry has simplified cooking and grocery shopping. This helps to avoid buying duplicate items at the grocery store. This small investment has already saved me money and lots of frustration!
“Mike S. (Dublin, CA)”

” The pile of “things” that were not going back into my office space was enormous. I threw away a lot, gave away some, but it was the load that the Salvation Army took away that had the biggest impact. As they lifted the chaise lounge into the truck, it was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.
“Judy K. (Dublin, CA)”

“. The Team at TCS threw themselves into each project. They are always working together creating great ideas. Not only did they create a warm environment for our living room, but they made it a place where people want to visit and just hang around. I strongly recommend TCS for any kind of organizational issues you might have, whether big or small. You will be blessed by just getting to know them.”
“Alice and John. (Danville, CA)”

“My mother passed away and I inherited so many beautiful table cloths. They were all in a closet in the hall and always a big pile of mess. The Ladies took them all, folded them and stored them into basket by color. They are beautifully on display in the closet and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Thank you for taking such good care of my mother’s treasures.
“Roger and Mae. (Walnut Creek, CA)”

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